March 13th 2021 Restock Inventory List

Posted by Ashley Thayer on

Here is the final restock list! I will post it in clear text in the comments. Three new products
1. Infused eye cream which is amazing!!! it is made to depute those eyes and lesson dark circles over time!
2. Black Sea Salt Scrub the salt is great it has a lot of vitamins including magnesium (soothes damaged skin and more), calcium (balances skin), bromide (skin soothing), potassium (reduces puffy skin) and sodium (cleanses skin, relieves muscle stiffness & detoxes). The babassu oil that I use in this scrub is amazing it is often used to treat skin conditions, helps balance skin especially for people with oily or acne prone skin and it has antibacterial properties!
3. Perfume!!! I added in small amounts of perfume. This isn't body spray it actual perfumers oils that help the fragrance stick to the skin. The amount of fragrance oil used in perfume is much higher than what is used in most body products, its still safe though but it really helps the fragrance stick to the skin!
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