Customs! How do I create a custom blend

Customs! How do I create a custom blend

There are many ways to personally create a custom blend. One of my favorite ways for customers to make custom blends is through making something. Let’s say you want to make a strawberry rhubarb pie. So let’s add sweet strawberries, pie crust, rhubarb and whipped cream. Perfect and easy blend. How about more complex blends like you want to create a day at the beach so you know you want sea salt, ocean water, maybe you don’t like sunscreen so let’s replace it with something topical like pineapples or coconut or maybe that blend from a famous scent store that has  Malibu heat. That’s a great day at the beach blend. Below I listed some other ideas that I put up in the group And on Instagram. 
Custom Creation Ideas
1. If you want to create your own and get over whelmed message me! I can help you. Example: you want a beachy blend with salty sea air in it but don’t know what to blend it with. We can talk about some of your favorite other scents and see what would best be added or I can recommend some new scents that I think will go well.

2. If you look through my house blend list and find a couple scents you want but there is one note you hate you can sub something else in in its place. Example: you hate apples in an apple and peach fizzy pop blend so we pull out the apple and add in pineapple instead

3. Let’s say there is a blend you love of mine but you are on a copper coconut kick you can add it in to the house blend. Example: Apple, peach fizzy pop PLUS copper coconut.
Ashley Thayer

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