House Blend

Scent Notes

Can be used in....




2 Tickets to Paradise

Coconut Cream, Peaches & Avo (type)

All Products


Rainforest Sugar Cane, Sunflower & Riverbank

All Products


Raspberry Sorbet, Rainbow Sherbet


Agave Mint

Sweet Agave & Buttermints

All Products

All that Glitters

Caramel Honey, High St.


All You Need Is Love

Poppy, Peaches, Fluffy Marshmallow


Alternate Reality

Sea Mist, Salt Spray & Roasted Pinecones

All Products

Althea's Ambrosia

Raspberry Macaroon, Manuka Honey, Peach & Lavender


Always Together

Cashmere & Morning Dew



Honey, Shea, Sweet Strawberries, Cocnut Milk & Peaches

Wax Only

Angels Song

Evergreen, Angels Delight, Beach Memories & Avobath



Salty Sea Air, Rose Milk, Lavender & Honey


Ariels Amethyst

Coconut Milk, Amethyst, Cream Cheese Frosting & Peaches

All Products


Lavender, Marshmallow, Lots of Peach

All Products

Ashes Christmas

Pink Dough, Strawberry Crunch, Pears, Warm Musk & a hint of Lemon


Awaken Mint

Avo (type), Creme de Menthe

All Products

Babysitters Club

Sugared Strawberry, Marshmallow Fluff, Sugar Waffle Cone

All Products

Bali Briar

Coco Cabana, Vanilla Milk & Orange

All Products

Bare Skin Rug

Pink Leather, Winterberries & Powdered Donuts


Be Mine

Powdered Donuts, Creme de Menthe, Tonka


Beach Bread

Baked Bread & Spring Florals

All Products

Beach Face & Antique Lace

Antique Lace & Beach Glass

All Products


Kashmir (type), Alpine Suede & Ribbon Candy


Bed of Hearts

Violet Lemon Zest, Pink Frosted Cake


Belle of the Ball

Blue Slushie, Salty Sea Air, French Lavender


Berry Beignet

Berry Crisp, Strawberry Buttercream & Beignet

Wax Only

Black Jack

Blackberry Tea, Scones, Bergamot Tea

All Products

Black Magic

Blackberry, Pomegranate, Cashmere & Magnolias (it's sooo good)

All Products

Blame It on the Alcohol

Sugared Strawberry B-day Cheesecake, Buffalo Milk, Coconut Milk


Bless Your Heart

Fresh Bread, Raspberry, Vanilla & Blue Cotton Candy

All Products


Violets, Summer Scoop


Blue Pudding

Blueberry, Cobbler & Sugar Corn Pudding

Wax Only (but can make it skin safe

Body Paint

Sweet Citrus, Banana Cabana, Strawberry Pine



Vanilla, Lavender, Honeysuckle & Strawberry Musk

Soap & Wax Safe

Boho Pop

Boho (type), Fizzy Pop

All Products


Tonka, Violet


Brambles Birthday

Blackberries, Birthday Cake, Coconut & a hint of banana


Buddy's Vacation

Pine, Vanilla, Coconut, Rice & Peppermint Swizzle Sticks



Tropical Fruits, Water Lily & Apple Blossoms

All Products

Cairns Wishes

Cairns Sunset & Three Wishes Tea

All Products

Candy Castle

Cotton Candy, Banana Split, Summer Sorbet & Toffee

All Products

Change is Good

Olive, Sea Mist, Skittles & Fig


Cheat Treat

Summer Scoop, Mango Sorbet & Vanilla Ice Cream

All Products

Cherry Soda Pop

Cherry Mist, Fruity Pebbles, Soda Pop

All Products


Apricot, Black Tea, Sugar Cookie Crunch & Honey

Soap & Wax Products


Baja Cactus Blossom, Summer Scoop, Rainbow Sherbet, Strawberry Jam

Wax Only

Coconut Poppies

Poppy Milk & Coconut Sorbet

All Products

Coconut Strawberry Twinkies

Twinkies, Strawberry, Coconut & Marshmallow

All Products


Lemon Curd, Happy Fall Y'all & Whipped Cream

Wax Only

Cookie Cutter Christmas

Vanilla Apples & Gingerbread Cookies


Cookie Monster

Sugar Cookie, Cookies & Milk

Skin Safe

Coquito Cake

Red Apples, Cinnamon Coquito & Oatmeal Cookies

Wax Only

Coral Clams

Whispering Mists, Lemon Zest, Misty Rain, Casaba Melon

All Products

Coral Reef

Cantaloupe, Orange Sherbet, Summer Scoop & Coral Berries

Soap & Wax Products

Cornelia Street

High Street & Creme de Menthe

Skin Safe

Coastal Cottage

Lavender, Sea Salt, Hydrangia, Marshmallow

All Scents

Country Chic

Rustic Wedding (Rustic Florals) & California Orchards

All Products


Country Herbs, Lemon Curd & Casa Pacifica

All Products


Blueberry Jam, Lemon Cake & Sweet Florals

All Products

Cruel Summer

Blue Slushy, Pink Lemonade & Snowcones


Cruelean Sea

Bamboo, Lemon, Sugar & Rosewood

All Products

Cuddle Season

Winterberry Wonder (type), Let Them Eat Cake

Skin Safe

Culinary Herbs

Dried Lavender & Rosemary Mint

All Products

Cupids Arrow

White Sand Beaches, Pear, Pink Sugar

Wax Only

Cynical Romance

Dragonfruit Poptail, Sugar Corn Pudding

All Products

Dancing Water

Fresh Water, Dancing Water (type)

All Products

Dark Water

Celestial Waters, Night Florals

All Products

Day Dreaming

Light Florals, Lavender, Apricot

All Products

Day Dreams

Pink Sands, Concrete Jungle, Green Clover & Aloe

Skin Safe


Marachino Cherries & Mint

Skin Safe

Dead of the Night

Midnight Water & White Sage

All Products

Deep Breaths

Strawberry, Banana Cream Pie, Lavender, Guava & Vanilla

Soap & Wax Safe


Blackberry Jam, Sugar Waffle Cone, Willow, Orchid

Skin Safe


Snickers, Coffee, Hint of Dewberry & Spices

Soap & Wax Products

Don't Get Lost

Lemon Cake, Wildberry Smoothie, Cinnamon & Apples


Dragon Queen

Fruity Florals & Walking on Sunshine (oranges)

All Products

Dreams Come True

Pink Orchids, Tangerine Gelato, Cotton Candy Frosting

Skin Safe

Drink Up!

Frozen Margaritas, Dr. Pepper & a hint of Sweet Peony

All Products

Dunk my Donut

Jelly Donut, Strawberry Jam, Meyer Lemon

All Products

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Lemon Squares, Fluffy Marshmallow, Lemon Curd

All Products

Electric Slide

(It is a super fruity drink blend) Lemonade, Pink Jasmine, Melon & Soft Puffy Marshmallows

All Products


Sweet Lavender, Toasty Marshmallow

Skin Safe


Fruity Emerald Agave & Casa Pacifica

Soap and Wax Products

Eye of the Beholder

Pink Petal Tea Cake (type) & Baked Bread

Skin Safe

Fairy Fluff

Candy Fluff & Marzipan

Soap Safe

Fairy Godmother

Lavender, Lemon and Yacht Club

All Products

Fairy Tail

French Lavender, Enchanted Apple

Soap & Wax Safe

Fairytale Romance

Saltwater Mermaid, Rose Gold

Skin Safe

Fire & Ice

Peach, Apple, Pomegranate, Bourbon

Skin Safe

First Date Milk Shake

Georgia Peach, Strawberry Milkshake & a hint of citrus

Soap & Wax Products


Red Apple, Pomegranate, Mandarin & Orange

All Products


Juicy Apricot, Mandarin Orange, Blackberry, Nectarine, Honey



Tonka & Limes



Iced Tea Twist, Olive & Fig


French Quarter

Concrete Jungle, & Beignets

Wax Only

Fruit Custard

Blackberry Butter Cookies, Vanilla Custard, Strawberry Parfait & a Drizzle of Caramel

All Products

Fruity Pebbles Slurpee

Fruity Pebbles, Strawberry Lemon Ice & Satsuma

All Products


Pink Sugar, Black Coconut & Mountain Air

All Products

Games & Thrones

Fresh Powder, Sweet Musk and Sweet Tea (the tea really comes out in this one)

All Products

Gardeners Gate

Lavender, Rosemary, Meyer Lemon & Honey Lavender

All Products

Ginger's House

Tonka & Oud, Sugared Spruce, Casis, Red Currant, Hansel's & Gretals House


Girls that Brunch

Pancakes, Whipped Cream & Sweet Berries

All Products

Goodnight Moon

Sweet Lavender, Toasty Marshmallow & Peppermint

All Products

Grandma Seaside Snacks

Salty Sea Air, Toddy with Milk & Lavender

Wax Only


Durty (type), Black Tea

Soap & Wax Safe

Grim Pop

Death Type, Fizzy Pop

Soap & Wax Products

Grims 1st Date

Cream Honey, Tonka



Blue Raspberry, Snow Cones, Apricot & a Hint of Sweet Lavender

All Products

Hallmark & Chill

Flannel Sheets, Vanilla Bean Noel



Pink Musk, Strawberry Lemon Ice

All Products

Happy Place

Strawberry Jam, Rainbows Skittles & Peach Meringue

All Products

Heads Up Seven Up

7-Up, Cheescake, Strawberries & Vanilla Wafers

All Products

Heat Wave

Rainbows & Havana Heat

Wax Only

Her Biscuit Isn't Done In The Middle

Lavender & Honey Buttered Rolls, Wildberry Mousse Jam


Herb Garden

Sage, Vanilla, Lavender & Cozy Woods


Herbal Pop

Herbalicious, Fizzy Pop

Soap & Wax Products


Sage & Juniper

Soap & Wax Safe

Hey Gurl Hey

Mango Sorbet, Pink Musk & Whipped Cream

All Products

Hibiscus Sorbet

Mango Sorbet & Sweet Hibiscus

All Products

High in the Sky

Cherry, Pie Crust, Buttercream & Sprinkles

All Products

Hight Mints

High St. (type) & Buttermints

Soap & Wax Safe

Hippy Chic

Lavender, Champagne, Marshmallow, Dark Florals

All Products

Holly Jolly Christmas

Pink Evergreens, Sugar Cookies & Vanilla Bean Noel



Blueberry, Fresh Bread, Bonfire Bliss & Thyme

All Products

Honey Bee

Butter Cream, Vanilla, Caramel, Honey

Soap & Wax Safe

Honey Cakes

Lemon, Cake Batter, Ice Cream & Soft Florals

All Products

I Am Calm!

Pink Sands, Fluffy Towels


I Forgot You Existed

Black Raspberry Vanilla & Blonde Moment


I'll Have What She's Having

Lava Flow Poptail & Danish Butter Cookies

All Products

I've Got the Blues

Coconut Cream, Blueberries & Blackberries

All Products

Ice Queen

Winter Linen, Snowcakes & Black Tea


Iced Tea Margaritas

Earl Grey, Margarita & some Woody Violet

Soap & Wax Products

In the Jungle

Citrus, Vetiver, Jungle & Citrus

Soap & Wax Safe

In This Moment

Urban Winter, Cotton Candy & Secret Wonderland (type)


Inner Zen

Strawberry Zen, Lemon Ice



Rainforest Sugar Cane, Misrule

Soap & Wax Safe


Spanish Fly, Black Tea & Pomegranate

Soap & Wax Products

Is That What They Are Wearing Nowadays

Strawberry White Cake, Lemon Macaroon, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies


Isn't it Just Like You to Dress Like That

Tangerine Gelato & Sugared Shortbread


It's a Spring Thing

Rain & White Tea

All Products

It's Nice To Have a Friend

Twisted Peppermint, Vanilla Bean Noel


Jade Junkyard

Whipped Cream, Fruit Salad, Jade Stones

All Products


Earl Grey, Jelly Donut & Strawberry

Wax Only


Moonstones & Amethyst

All Products

Jolly Rancher Spritzer

Melon Spritzer, Fruit Punch, Jolly Ranchers & Cream Cheese Frosting

All Products


Raspberry, Strawberry Jam, Purify Juice

All Products

Juliets Romance

Lingonberry, Fruit Salad, Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher


Just Desserts

Sugared Strawberries, Birthday Cake & Blackberrry

All Products

Just Peachy

Apples, Peach Jubilee & Pink Sugar

All Products


Baby Shark (sea air, coconut water & beach grass), Coconut Milk & Lemon Lime Sorbet

All Products

Key Limes in Key West

Keylimes, Mandarin, Honeydew, Marshmallow Fluff & Cookies

All Products


Sunlight (citrus blend) & Coral Reef (manufactures blend not my house blend of coral reef)

All Products

King Kandy

Sweet Tarts, Orange and Honeydew Dreamsicle, Marshmallow Fluff

All Products

King of the Earth

Summers Earth (sweet mothers nature), Meadow Grass & Cedarwood

All Products

Kiss Me

Fluffy Marshmallow, Ginger Lime, Sugar Berry



Pink Bows, Palo Santo, Green Clover & Aloe


Kissing Booth

Coconut Milk Peaches, Sugared Strawberry, Whipped Cream



Lollipops, Cake Batter & Raspberry Ice Cream



Poison Apple, Lemon Iced Tea

Soap & Wax Products


Nutmeg, Sea Glass & Fresh Sage

Wax Only

Lavender Donuts

Manuka Lavender, Cream Cheese Frosting, Powdered Donuts


Lavender Sea

Lavender Latte & Salty Sea Air

All Products

Lavender Tea

Iced Tea, Dried Lavender, Lemon & Whipped Cream

All Products

Lavender Woods

Lavender & Sweet White Woods

All Products

Lemon Drop

Bourbon Marshmallow, Lemon Curd, Buttercream

All Products

Little House

Frozen Winter Air, Barley Grass & Whipped Cream

All Products

Love Boat

Nectarine, Hint of Mint, Turquiose, Vanilla, Berries

All Products

Love Love

Let Them Eat Cake, Black Currant Vanilla, Clover & Aloe

Soap & Wax Safe

Love Story

Fruity Orchid, Cupcakes at Tiffany's



Dark Crystal, Autumn Wreath & Salty Sea Air


Lychee Taffy

Salt Water Taffy, Lychee, Wasabi & Red Tea

Soap & Wax Safe

Ma Cherie

Summer Hill (type) & Emerald Agave



Buttercream, Mad About You (type), Lavender, Neroli

Soap & Wax Safe

Magic in the Air

Copper Coconut, Blue Cotton Candy & Salty Sea Air


Maple Lavender

Honey Lavender (type) & Sweet Red Maple

Soap & Wax Safe


Sleepy (type), Black Tea, Violet



Coconut Milk Peaches, Raspberry Glace, Blackberry Jam


Material Girl

Raspberry Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream, & Strawberry Bread

All Products

Mermaid in the Moon

Mermaid Dream, Moonchild, Tropical Fruits & Florals


Mermaid Kisses

Sugary Berries, Citrus Fruit, Orchid, Bergamot and Salty Sea Air

All Products

Mermaids Moonstone

Moonstones, Frosting, Cotton Candy & Raspberry

All Products


Lavender, Pink Sands, Rainwater, Apricot

All Products


Cinnamon, Moonspice, Sugar, Thai Sticky Rice

All Products

Midnight Blue

Salty Sea Air, Fluffy Marshmallow, Baked Bread, Sugar Waffle Cone


Midnight Garden

Blue Juniper Fig, Cotton Candy Cocktail


Mint Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Mint Chocolate, Strawberry Jam & Whipped Cream

All Products

Mists of Avalon

Tide Pools, Sea Grass & By The Campfire

All Products


Hipster, Hint of Roses, Pacific Pearl, Passion Fruit

All Products

Monkeying Around

Marachino Cherries, Bananas, Coconut & Berries

All Products

Monster Mash

Persimmons, Limes, Apples & Graham Cracker



Cotton Candy, Strawberry Shortcake & Frosting

All Products

Mothers Night

Cupcakes at Tiffany's, Black Raspberry & a hint of Sweet Peony

All Products

Mrs. Clauses Kitchen

Strawberry Poundcake, Sugar Cookie Dough, Vanilla Frosting & Cotton Candy



Green Clover & Aloe, Juicy Red Apples, Salty Sea Air

All Products

Night Before Christmas

Frosted Sugar Cookies, Blackberry, Sugared Violets, Let them Eat Cake, Tonka, Lavender


Night Circus

Apples, Blue Cotton Candy, Strawberry Jam & a hint of night blooming flowers

All Products

Night Mint

Nightfall & Creme de Menthe

Soap & Wax Safe

Nothing Wrong With Plain People

Apple Brown Betty, Bear Claws, Orange Blossom Tonic



Pink Sugar, Lemo, Sugar Cookies & Poppyseed Muffin

Soap & Wax Safe

Oh Boy!

Cashmere, Moonstones & Amethyst

All Products

Oh Dear

Peaches, Blackberry Jam, Strawberry Jam & Coconut Milk


Oh Goody

Lemon Curd, Whipped Cream, Rock Candy & Sweet Berries


Once Upon A Time

Lavender Marshmallow, Zucchini Bread, Whipped Cream, Toasted Marshmallow


Over the Moon

Pink Sands, Meyer Lemon & Moonstone (candy sweet blend)

All Products

Over the Rainbow

Salty Sea Air, Cotton Candy, Vanilla Frosting

All Products

Pacific Coast

Sweet Fruits, Casa Pacidifca & Emerald Agave


Pan de Muerto

Pie Crust, Pumpkin Bread, Warm & Cozy



Whipped Cream, Paris Bakery & a hint of Violet

All Products

Peach Cream

Peaches, Creme Bruless, Lemon Eclairs & Gummy Bear Slushy

All Products

Peach Pie

Peaches, Pie Crust & Whipped Cream

All Products

Peach Smoothie

Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit & Coconut Milk

All Products

Peep Some Ice Cream

Raspberry, Peeps, Vanilla Ice Cream & Sangria

Wax Only

Persophones Kid

Candy Fluff, Mandarin Orange, Melon, Blackberry, Violet Leaf

Soap and Wax Products

Pie in the Sky

Blueberry Jam, Keylime Pie & Whipped Cream

All Products

Pie Place

Pecan Pie, Marzipan & Elderberry

Soap & Wax Safe

Pineapple Slushie

Blue Raspberry Slushy & Pina Colada

All Products

Pink Canoe

Lake Water, Lucuma Fruit, Pink Champagne

All Products

Pink Elephant

Fizzy Pop & Watermelon

All Products

Pink Lemonade Cake

Lemon, Pink Chiffon & Cake

All Products

Playful Pops

Sweet Pomegranate, Blackberry Popsicle, Toasted Marshmallow

All Products

Poison Apple

So White (type), Fizzy Pop

Soap & Wax Products

Poison Sorbet

Poison Apple, Orange Sorbet & Mango

All Products


Awaken, Mango Sorbet

All Products

Powdered Sugar

Jade, Sweet Powdery Cereal & Bonfire Bliss

All Products


Smells exactly like a Salty Pretzel!

All Products

Prince Caspian

Agave, Sage, Lavender & Leather

All Products

Pure Bliss

Mint Blossom & Pear

Soap & Wax Safe

Putting on Airs

Rose Gold & Salty Sea Air

All Products


Raindrops & Peppermint

All Products


Pear, Strawberry, Kiwi's and Meyer Lemon

All Products


Strawberry, Raspberry, Champagne & Lemande


Remember who you are!

Strawberry Shortcake, Apple Butter, Cupcakes at Tiffany's & Caramel


Ring Master

Watermelon Candy, Circus Desserts, Saltwater Taffy & Bonfire Bliss

All Products

Rose Covered Clouds

Rose Jam, Toasty Marshmallows, Creamy Marshmallow, Pink Sugar & Whipped Cream

All Products

Rose Witch

Snow Witch & Rose Quartz

Soap and Wax Products

Sage Advice

Citrus, Cherry Blossom & White Sage

Soap & Wax Safe

Sahara Succulent

Sweet Desert Florals, Green Clover & Aloe, Baja Cactus Blossom

All Products

Santa Baby

Sex Bomb, Frosted Snowdrops & Butt Naked


Santa's Cereal

Bonfire Bliss, Captain Crunch Berries & Vanilla Pine Cones


Santa's Train

Winterberries, Frosting, Doughnuts & Cotton Candy



Violet, Rainbow Sherbert


Satsuma Sherbet

Sherbet, Satsuma, Marshmallow Fluff, Pineapple

All Products

Saturdays in the South

Apples, Peaches, Amish Quilt and Toasty Marshmallow

Wax Only

Sea Me!

Freesia, Lemon Zest, Rain, Casaba Melon, Salty Sea Air

All Products

Seacliff Spells

Love Spell, Herbal Lavender, Cedarwood, Tonka, a hint of Rose

Soap & Wax Safe

Seaside Boardwalk

Summer Scoop, Orange Sherbet, Pink Sugar, Funnel Cake, Taffy & a hint of Popcorn

Soap and Wax Products

Seaside Diner

French Toast, Tonka Bean, Peaches and Pink Berries

All Products


Violets, Chamomile Lavender, Berries


Sexy Staycation

Violet & Strawberry Poundcake


Sexy Sugar Cookie

Sugar Cookie, Vanilla Lace Type, Pear Tree

All Products

She Fancy Huh

Cupcakes at Tiffany's, Salted Caramel Popcorn & Pistachio Pudding Cake

All Products

She Is Who She Is

Strawberry Pound Cake with Lemon Curd, Fluffy Marshmallow


She Isn't The Sweetest Cookie In The Box

Pink Frosted Animal Cracker (type), Extra Cotton Candy


She Means Well

Tea Cakes, Jelly Donuts, Milk & Cookies, Black & Blue


She's Always Been a Little Different

Shirley Temple Donuts



Strawberries, Shortcake & Vanilla Ice Cream

All Products

Single Life

Strawberry Flannel Sheets



Tangy Florals, Fairy Garden & Salty Sea Air

Soap and Wax Products


Orange Juice, Apricot & Blackberries

All Products

Snow Cones

Fresh Picked Strawberry, Blue Slushy & Watermelon

Soap & Wax Products

Snow Likes Coffee

Enchanted Apple, Caramel Coffee

All Products

Snug as a Bug

Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lemon Curd, Whipped Cream & Pink Sugar


So Extra!!!

Blueberry, Tea & Cakes & Lemon Donut

Soap & Wax Safe

Soda Pop

Pearberry, Rootbeer & Buttered Rum

All Products

Soft Sky

April Fresh & Almond Biscotti


Sorbet Shop

Raspberry Sorbet, Pink Lemonade, Rainbow Sherbet

All Products

Sort of Attached

Pink Sugar, Cherries, Cranberry Salsa & Pie Crust


Soul Pop

Souls Type, Fizzy Pop

Soap & Wax Products

Sour Face

Lemon Tart, Sour Patch & Friday Night Parties

All Products

Sour Tarts

Poptarts & Sour Patch Type

All Products

Sparkles Slushy

Peppermint Swizzle Sticks, Cherry Slushy & Cotton Candy


Spring Fling

Grasshopper, Nectarine, Berries and Vanilla

All Products

Spun Sugar

Pink Sugar, Rainbow Sherbet & Fruit Loops

Skin Safe

Square Sweets

Candy & Sugar Cookie Brulee

All Products

Star Pop

Starshowers, Fizzy Pop

Soap & Wax Products


Passoin Fruit, Baja Cactus Blossom, Avocado, a hint of Rose

All Products

Stop At Nothing

Nectarine, Wild Berries, Lime, Apricot & Plum


Strawberry Juice

Mango, Pineapple, Peach & Strawberry

All Products

Strawberry Mint

Summer Scoop, Creme de Menthe

All Products

Strawberry Rolls

Honey Buttered Rolls, Cinnamon & Sugar & Strawberry Shortcake

Wax Only

Sugar Shack

Ice Cream Parlor, Lemonade, Milk

Wax Only

Summer Breakfast

Blackberry Jam & Strawberry Donuts

All Products

Summer Heart

Kids Candy & Raspberry Sorbet

All Products

Summer Love

Mint, Lavender, Poppies & Peach Bellini

All Products

Sunshine & Strawberries

Avocado & Strawberry Buttercream

All Products

Sweet Heart

Frosted Juniper, Salty Sea Air


Sweet Lavender

Lavender, Tonka & Sweet Tea

All Products

Sweet Mint

Rosemary, Mint, Buttermint & Creme de Menthe

All Products

Sweet Shop

Ice Cream Parlor, Vanilla, Sweet Tobacco

All Products

Sweet Violet

Sugary Violets, Tonka, Fluffy Marshmallow


Swimming at Sunrise

Apricot, Coconut Water, Tuscan Cypress & a hint of Peonies

All Products

Take A Chance

Rhubarb, Bluberries & Cornbread


Tea Bear

Peach Tea Flavored Gummy Bears

Soap & Wax Products

Tea by the Sea

Milk & Tea, Salty Sea Air & Lavender

Soap and Wax Products

Tea Party

FYI I love this one, Pear, Pink Grapefruit, Marshmallow Fluff & White Tea

All Products

Tea with Honey

Smokey Blend of Honey, Smoky Vanilla and Tea & Cakes

Soap & Wax Products

Temple's Julep

Shirley Temple & Mint Julep

Wax Only

That Way Before

At the Beach (type) & Lake Adventure


The Apple Didn't Fall Far from the Tree

Apple Beignets


There Is Trouble

Fruit Smoothie, Pink Grapefruit & Citrus Juice


Thyme to Relax

Japanese Garden & Fresh Thyme

All Products

Tiffany is so Basic

Cupcakes at Tiffanys & Pink Lemonade

All Products

Tinkers Toys

Powdered Donuts, Pink Sugar & Sweater Weather


Tinsel Town

Pink Frosted Cake, Light Blackberry, Melons & Honey


Titan's Turquiose

Turquiose Stones, Lemon Curd & Vanilla

All Products

Truth OR Dare

Raspberry Sorbet, Pink Leather



Turquiose & Forever Red (type)

All Products

Vacation Libations

Passion Fruit, Pina Colada, Guava & Black Coconut

All Products

Vanilla Mermaid

Coconut Milk, Ocean Mist & Vanilla Bean Noel

All Products


Fruit Loops, Mint Chocolate & Mango Sorbet

All Products

Violet Mint

Violicious & Buttermints

Soap & Wax Safe

Violets Hollow

Spicy Apples, Peaches, Night Violet & Confetti



White Jasmine, Lily, Coconut, Goji Berries, Blueberries, Raspberry, Cotton Candy, Peony, Vanilla, Peaches, Apples

Wax Only

Wanna See

Gingerbread Latte & Blue Raspberry Slushie


Watermelon Tea

Watermelon, Lychee, Roobios Tea & Dahlia

All Products

We are all Mad

Another Favorite Orchid & Pink Amber (sweet) & Black Tea

Soap & Wax Products

We Didn't Die Today

Butt Naked, Tropical Fruit, Citrus, Pineapple, Vanilla & Cotton Candy



Mint Blossom, Eucalyptus Spearmint, Citrus

All Products

What You Give Is What You Get

Strawberries & Champagne (type) & Pears


Why Worry

Hot Toddy, Meyer Lemon & Honey


Wild & Free

Berry Scones, Creamy Vanilla & Velvet Sugar

All Products

Wild Country

Souring CA, Strawberry & Lemon Iced Tea

Wax Only

Wild Woman

Snow Mint, Ginger Ale, Fizzy Lime, Berries & Oranges

All Products

Winds of Change

Violet, Sugar Waffle Cone & Marshmallows


Winter Circus

Snowflakes & Cashmere, Baby Buttermilk, Cotton Candy & Marshmallows


Winters Nap

Flannel & Vanilla Bean Noel


You Just Don't Know Any Better

Strawberry, Cotton Candy, Birthday Cheesecake, Cotton Candy Frosting


Young Love

Lavender Marshmallow, Cotton Candy, Blue Cotton Candy



Strawberry Shortcake, Citrus & White Sage

All Products

Yummy Honey

Milk, Honey Buttered Rolls & Lemon Eclair

Wax Only