1.5oz Wax Melts

1.5oz Wax Melts

Alone Not Lonely: comfort zone + Tangerine sage + pink lemonade

Barbie’s Sugar Shop: Sweet like Candy (type) + Coconut Mango Tango + Bazooka Bubble Gum

Calling Your Bluff: Cherry Mist + Warm Vanilla Sugar + Fresh Linen

Car Rides to Malibu: Pink Splash (type) + Puttin on the ritz + Lemon Mint Leaf

Catching Feelings: Mango Nectar + Sea salt & Orchid +

Chill Out: Melon limoncello + Pink lotus & lime + steel sugar

Counting Sheep: lavender marshmallow + goats milk & honey + bum bum

Cut to the Feeling: Raspberry Sugar + Blue Jeans + Summer Linen

Early Hours: Naughty but Nice (pink Berry like blend) + avocado coconut + Wildberry tulips

Follow the Sun: Calypso Sun + Strawberry Peach + Chocolate Orchid (fruity and sweet)

Free Spirit: Sand in your Shorts + Lemonade + Peach Bellini Bikini

Growth: mermaid sequins + Baja cactus blossom + Tahiti island dreams + blue agave sugar

Higher Love: Shea & Santa + vanilla fig + good girl (type)

Lazy Sunday: Blackberries + Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds + Cotton Candy

Lemon Squared: Lemon Squares + Sugar Rush + Lemon Whoopi Pie

Life in Full Bloom: cactus flower & aloe + strawberry guava + blackberry magnolia

Long Story Short: Fruit Punch + vanilla the king + downy April fresh

Mix It Up: Strawberry White Cake + Lemon Lavender

Moral of the Story: cashmere cream + apricot + snowkissed sugar

My Cher-ry Amour: Maraschino Cherry + Fluffy Marshmallow + Absolutely Fabulous Cake

Never Letting Go: Blueberry Sugar + Cashmere Glow + Leather & Lace

Peaches out in Georgia: Peach Nectar + Pineapple + Steel Sugar

Perfect Timing: Citrine Crystal & Quartz + Pink Pomelo & Himalayan Sea Salt + Honey & Shea

Save Your Tears: juicy pear + blue ocean waves + coconut water + mango + boardwalk taffy

Spread Sunshine, Not Shade: Mango Peach + Sweet Juicy Pear + French Vanilla Pear

Sunrise Cookies: Satsuma + Aloha Vanilla + Sugar Cookie Royale

Sweet Talker: Pina colada + Blue raspberry slushy + Orange blossom tonic + strawberry

Want You in my Room: Pink sugar crystals + summer hill type + abalone & sea


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Size 1.5oz
Scent Alone Not Lonely

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