Ready to Sell (Satin Scrub & Super Scrub)


please note all products marked as ** are infused 


Angel’s Tears: vanilla bean noel + blackberry & sugared violets + spun sugar & vanilla bean


Cashmere Cream: warm cashmere + sweet vanilla + soft woods


Cupcakes in Paris: sweet on paris + cupcake + whipped cream

Finding Peace: sleepy (type) + black chamomile + tumbleweed & terra cotta

Frozen Tundra: toasted marshmallow + peppermint

Lavender Dreams: lavender + vanilla + whipped cream + cotton candy

Lavender Ladies: lavender marshmallow + sugared shortbread + marshmallow confections

Listen to the Wind: cashmere clouds + almond biscotti + sugared shortbread

Mrs. Clauses She Shed: vanilla bean noel + sugar waffle cone + sweet violet bouquet (bbw type)

Paradise: pink berry + cherry almond + pizzelle + whipped cream

Peach Kisses: just peachy + snowkissed sugar (type)

Snowfall in Saint Tropez: copper coconut + karma (vanilla musk) + vanilla pine cones

Wonderland Slushie: raspberry lemonade + candy straw