Ready To Sell Siren Sticks - 2oz & 4oz


Adore You: violet blush + beach night + concrete jungle

Almost Famous: sugar cookie brûlée + sugar cookie royale

Arroz con Leche: rum + raisins + milk + sugar + country cream + nutmeg spice (not bath and body safe)

Asset: root beer float + vanilla ice cream + orange sherbet
Be Kind: salted cucumber + pepino melon + aveda rosemary mint + fluffy marshmallows

Blue Citrus: oranges + citrus explosion+ island nectar + abalone & sea

Buccanner Bay: tutti fruiti jelly bean (type) + boardwalk marshmallow clouds

Capri: orange + tangerine sage + caribbean coconut + meyer lemon + a hint of vanilla orchid

Catch You If You Fall: sweet apricot + palmetto sunset + tropical musk

Crazy Surf: sweet strawberry + boardwalk marshmallow clouds
Don't Rush: flamingo beach (type) + warm vanilla sugar

Don't Start Now: clean freak + cherry mist

Don't Touch: avo co-wash (type) + lavender chamomile

Emma: lavender + coconut milk + b-day cake + cotton candy frosted cake + a hint of blueberry cream

Enchantment: believe in magic + vanilla ice cream + pineapple whip

Fairies Magic: believe in magic + sugar rush + lemon curd

Falling: sea salt & ocean breeze + lemon lavender + strawberry melon + lavender milk

Getaway Car: cowboy + tuscan lace + golden oaks

Girl Code: raspberry peach macaroon + strawberry bread + flip flops

Girls Run the World: pink fresh & clean + luxurious linen + hibiscus guava fresca (type)

Glass House: vanilla fig + tease noir (sweet blend of mandarin, lychee, frozen pear, apple & vanilla musk)

Greenhouse: 29 high st + white tea & pear + casa pacifica + fluffy marshmallow

Hold Me Down: winterberry wonder + rose quartz + velvet sugar + black currant tea

Huckleberries Finn: huckleberry + jelly donut + whipped cream

Icy: cashmere cream + flannel sheets + cashmere clouds

In My Feelings: toasted pistachio+ birthday cheesecake + butter cream

Intentions: frosted sugar cookie + grape creamsicle + fluffy marshmallow

It’s Bigger Than You: margarita + shirley temple

Just Believe: turquoise sky (type) + high tide + pear + sweet melons + mango + papaya + fruit salad

Lavender Embers: sweet lavender + honey + whipped cream + by the campfire

Lemon & Tea: meyer lemon iced tea twist + sugar + black tea

Midsummer: believe in magic + funnel cake + pistachio dream cake

Napa: lavender mist + wine cellar type + fig & rosemary + tropical fruits

Neon Circus: blue lemonade + sugar waffle cone + cotton candy

Paint the Town Purple: frosted sugar cookies + laurels lavender marshmallow+ waffle cone

Palm Springs: blue agave + melon + baja cactus blossom + beach (type)

Paradise: pink berry (pink flamingo) + cherry almond + pizelle + whipped cream

Picture Perfect: wildberry mousse + pistachio dream cake + cupcakes at tiffany’s

Puck: believe in magic + almond cake + mango sorbet

Riptide: fruit punch + boardwalk marshmallow clouds

Sea Swings: cherry lime twist + boardwalk marshmallow clouds

Starboard: volcano capri + shea + santal + ocean breeze

True Delight: believe in magic + sugar waffle cone + cherry icing + banana bundt cake

Unbirthday: strawberry poundcake + black tea + vanilla orchid

Without Me: strawberry poundcake + cherry shortbread + vanilla ice cream

Yellow Clouds: cream + honey + banana palm leaf + cashmere clouds

Yikes: coral peony + poppies + pink sugar + sea minerals