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Siren Sticks (Hard Wax): 2oz ($15.60) and 6oz ($46.80)




Living Luxury

Hyde Park: raspberry peach macaroon + cashmere cream + rice flower and Shea (the rice flower makes the blend both sweet and creamy)

West Village: Shea and Santal + pear glacé + rose quartz (this blend is sweet, fancy with a pop of fruit)

Santana Row: desert fairy dust (a good blender similar to Baja cactus blossom)+ sweet on Paris + black chamomile (the black chamomile acts similar to tonka in this blend it gives the blend depth minus an herbal smell)

Long Beach: Tahiti Island Dreams+ cashmere+ cashmere nior (classy beach vibes)

Upper East Side: cashmere clouds + honey almond + mad about you (mad about you is a bbw dupe and it has strawberries and black currant in it sweetening up the blend with the fruit in it)

Baldwin Hills: Honey & Shea + sweet blackberries + elder flower and quince (elderflower and quince has strawberries, pink amber and white raspberries)


Magic in the Air

True Delight: believe in Magic (buttery vanilla) + sugar waffle cone + cherry icing + banana Bundt cake (type)

Enchantment: believe in Magic + vanilla ice cream + pineapple whip (This is a new oil, i like this one better than the old oil one bc it’s creamier)

Midsummer: believe in Magic + funnel cake + pistachio dream cake

Puck: believe in Magic + almond cake + mango sorbet

Fairies Magic: Believe in Magic + sugar rush (strawberry cherry cotton candy blend) + lemon curd

Titania: believe in Magic + strawberry poundcake (I have two different oils for this one. I used the one that is more evenly bakery less predominantly strawberry) + milk & cookies