10oz Unicorn Loaves (wax melts)

10oz Unicorn Loaves (wax melts)

Alice’s Lavender Tea Cookies (customer request): lavender milk + whipped cream + frosted circus cookies

Alone Not Lonely: Comfort zone + Tangerine Sage + Pink Lemonade

Fancy AF: Earl grey tea + Cashmere clouds + Sweet Violets

Just The Two Of Us: Beach Blanket + Clover & Aloe

Lemon Tres Leches: Lemon Creme + Tres Leches Cake

Orange Umbrella Drink: Flip Flops + Blood Orange + Margarita

Party For One: Riesling Berry Slushy + Seaside Escape + Baccarat Rouge

Pink Pistachio: Pistachio Ice Cream (type) + Cotton Candy


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Size ~10oz
Scent Alone Not Lonely

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